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Top 11 Most Beautiful Cities in the US

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Photo by Sean Pavone at Shutterstock

Savannah, GA

Savannah is one of those beautiful cities that stands out from the rest because you also get the feel of the countryside while there. It’s peaceful, letting you have a laid-back vacation away, and the cobble-stoned pathways and antique buildings have rich histories. So, don’t miss these marvels while visiting, and you’ll learn lots about the intricate heritage the city has to offer.

It’s got that old-world Southern charm, where horse-drawn carriages drive down cobblestone streets lined with allegedly haunted antebellum architecture, taking you back to the 1700s. The riverfront exudes romance, and the city’s parks and squares are filled with towering oak trees trickling Spanish moss, as well as antiques from the Civil and Revolutionary Wars.

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12 thoughts on “Top 11 Most Beautiful Cities in the US”

  1. Thank you for those lovely cities. I am a native of Chicago and enjoyed your view of
    the city. I now live in South Carolina and enjoy visiting Charleston and Savannah in
    Georgia. I am familiar with most of these cities and your description of them makes
    one wish to visit. Luckily I have a son living in San Diego which gives me a reason to

    1. I’ve seen and lived in both the New York and Las Angeles area and they are concrete jungles and not lovely! You would have to be in a park itself to make sense, but most of those cities by and large are sad and tragic! Wonderful theater and arts culture for both, but Charleston, South Carolina they are not.

  2. At least 2/3 of the cities on your list, I would not go if I had free airfare and accommodations to them.

  3. Have you been to these cities lately? I have been to all of them. The crime in some is out of control. San Francisco used to be the most beautiful, like a European city. Now it’s not even on the list. Everyone knows why. I would agree with San Diego, Charleston and Savannah and Boston. Very sad to see what years of liberal mayors have done to many once great cities, in my humble opinion.

  4. I have been all of ithem, (way more beyond: Phylli, Pitts, Potland OR, Houston, Vegas … ) but where is San Francisco, which shall be put in the first place !

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