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How To Get The Best Out Of A Food-Themed Vacation


Fashion and food? A match made in heaven! Go shopping with a personal fashion stylist, and get ready to be awed by top-notch designs as you gain exclusive access to designer showrooms, hi between shopping sprees, enjoy light fare at the courtyard of a palazzo smack in the heart of Milan’s Quadrilatero d’Oro (Golden Rectangle), tuck into hearty Milanese osso bucco at one of the top restaurants in town, indulge in good coffee and snack on a panzerotti (fried dough with varied fillings) from a famous family-run shop, and wine and dine at a Michelin-s tarred restaurant.


A foodie destination through and through, Melbourne is widely recognised as the culinary capital of Australia – and for good reason. From the rolling vineyards and dairy farms in the nearby Yarra Valley, to its trendy gastronomic scene in the heart of the city, Melbourne is turning heads and making waves for its discerning coffee culture, hipster laid-back vibe, small-batch artisanal producers, and obsession with all things local. The burgeoning bar scene also means you can look forward to innovative cocktails and a significant emphasis on home-brewed spirits, including names such as Four Pillars Gin and Sullivans Cove Whisky (which you can also sample at their cellar doors).

Panoramic image of the docklands waterfront area of Melbourne at night
Panoramic image of the docklands waterfront area of Melbourne at night


At the risk of invoking scenes from The Hangover Part III, Bangkok at night transforms into a labyrinthine night market filled with scents and sounds that seem to bubble endlessly from a cauldron of street hawkers, hole-in-the-wall cafes, and decadent sweet treats. Specifically, Chinatown is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of local life. Take a jaunt down Yarowat Rode, where random eats abound, where you can graze on small plates of street food, savour sticks of spicy sausages, and chow down on some dim sum, before finishing off with some sweet Chinese desserts (with a Bangkok twist, of course). Open your eyes, ignite your imagination and excite your taste buds with the sweet, the salty, the sour and the spicy flavours of the region.

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