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Discover The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

This has to be the state’s best-kept wildlife secret. The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhandara district in Maharashtra is a 154 sq km little gem, snugly ensconced in the hilly tracts of Vidarbha, and home to some of the country’s most exciting—and endangered—creatures. Bhandara district shares a border with that wildlife paradise, Madhya Pradesh, and Nagzira’s woods are teeming with tigers, leopards, honey badgers, sloth bears, mouse deer and many more fascinating animals.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

It also has over 166 species of birds, many of them attracted to the waterbodies in the area. The sanctuary is part of the proposed Nagzira-Navegaon Tiger Reserve—once this is cast in stone, the tourist hordes will no doubt descend. If you’re looking for a pristine wilderness exploration, go discover this state secret swiftly.

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