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6 Must-See Picturesque Places You Should Add to Your Bucket List

Must-See Picturesque Place
Photo by Serenity-H at Shutterstock

Bruges, Belgium

Despite the coast shifting, this retired seaport in Western Flanders is still a waterborne city today. A network of charming little canals connects this small polis of lovely tottering houses, belfries, and rural squares to the extensive waters of the North Sea.

From the Green Canal, with romantic 17th-century manses, trees, and fronds lining its banks, to the gilded glamor of The Burg, which is the city’s Baroque central square, where the civic and commercial heart of the city still beats, this area paints a vivid background. So don’t forget to pack your camera!

Incredible architecture and top-notch people-watching are best enjoyed from Bruges’ myriad street-side cafes, a perfect place to partake in this Must-See picturesque place’s obsession with Trappist, otherwise known as monk-brewed beer.

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2 thoughts on “6 Must-See Picturesque Places You Should Add to Your Bucket List”

  1. I am thrilled to see that I have been to all of these cities!! In fact. I am a native of Charleston, SC so I can definitely attest to the beauty of it…unbiased, of course.

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