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8 Charming Family-Friendly Small Towns in the US

Family-Friendly Small Town
Photo by Lucky-photographer at Shutterstock

Old Saybrook, Connecticut

On the jaws of the Connecticut River, Old Saybrook and its 10,000 inhabitants are a postcard-perfect Atlantic coastal settlement.

Established in 1635 as the Saybrook Plantation, this family-friendly small town is full of history and a fantastic place to find some peace and quiet on your family getaway.

While here, you can explore the Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1886, visit Harvey’s Beach, or rent a kayak and embark onto the waves for warm breezes unique to this area of our country.

Looking for amazing ocean views? Try a game of mini golf at the Saybrook Point course, where putting and gazing at the sea have never been better.

We hope you enjoyed reading about all the charming family-friendly small towns of America. But if you’re looking for even more options for your next trip, we highly suggest you check out: 6 Must-See Picturesque Places You Should Add to Your Bucket List

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