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Welcome To The Spectacular Suilven, Scotland

Suilven, like many of the mountains of north west Scotland, rises sheer from the surrounding land as if it has boiled up out of the ground. It has a stature out of all proportion to its height. The western summit is reached by a superb airy walk while the eastern summit, Meall Meadhonach, is too steep for a path but offers an ex citing scramble. We approached Suilven from Lochinver, by the sea. From this town it was an easy walk uphill on a stony track to little Loch Druim Suardalain, where we wersuilven-viewe rewarded with fabulous views of the massive form of Suilven reflected in the water.

The track continued to be easy and fairly level until we reached the larger Lochna Gainimh. We left the track here and set off across empty moor land, heading for the saddle between the two peaks.

As the mountain steepened the path zig zagged, so we settled into a steady pace until we reached the col. Leaving our ruck sacks behind some rocks, we turned left, to attempt the eastern top. Our way was barred by small cliffs. One by one we teetered up these, on the edge of a long drop, aware that anything we climbed up, we had to be able to get back down too. The difficulties were soon over and we quickly found ourselves on the summit which, judging by the luxuriant grass on the top, sees few visitors. We enjoyed the sense of isolation before climbing down again, very carefully.

Returning to the col, we picked up our sacks and walked up the easy path to the western summit. Other walkers were here too, sitting in small groups, eating and enjoying the magnificent views over the sea, and across the vast lochan pocketed landscape all around us. If you climb SuiIven on a clear day, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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