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California Dreaming: 9 Beautiful Locations You Shouldn’t Miss

Photo by fox_lei at Shutterstock


Solvang is a town with a unique theme that’s quaint and inviting. If you’ve been itching for a European trip but don’t have the time or the budget, take a quick trip to this California town instead!

Less than 34 miles away from Santa Barbara, this Danish village will make you forget you’re in the US.

You can find low-cost rates at charming, Danish-style inns like the Atterdag Inn that put you within walking distance of authentic Danish bakeries, windmills, historic churches, and over 150 boutique shops.

Solvang is also a premier wine destination in the Sana Ynez Valley, so there are many tasting and tour opportunities in town and nearby vineyards.

If you visit in October, you can even join the Solvang Stomp to stomp on grapes and enjoy food, wine, and music. This is the type of location in California to spend the weekend with your loved ones while traveling to a new era and atmosphere.

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