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Superyachts & River Cruising

Superyachts Are Here to Stay (And Why It’s Your Turn)

From cool and unlikely concept yachts to tabloid-worthy celebrity yachts, we’re fasci­nated with these worlds on water. And yet, you no longer have to be rich and famous to enjoy one. Whether it’s a boutique yacht­ing experience that catches your eye, or extreme adventure that you’re after, the lat­est launches prove there’s something for everyone.

“Some people won’t go on a sailboat because of the movement. And some don’t want to be around too many people on a cruise,” says Mary Jean Tully, Founder & CEO of Tully Luxury Travel, of the appeal of yachting. Fortunately, a new crop of ships offer guests fresh ways to see the world, opening up a new era for yachts – in which bigger is better, and adventure is more extreme. With Crystal Cruises’ new supery­achts, more people can now enjoy the pleasures of an intimate sailing experience on the high seas in high style – and to more remote destinations than ever before.

R&R more your speed? Sit back and enjoy a drink with friends and unbeatable views aboard Crystal Esprit’s superyacht. Launched in December 2015, the 62-guest ship boasts its own mini spa and casino, as well as six-star dining and suites outfitted with king size beds, spacious closets and double vanity sinks. Such plush environs are certainly an ideal way to see dreamy hot spots like the Seychelles islands and Adriatic coast.

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