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A Drop in the Ocean

Of course you know the Indian Ocean is full of beautiful islands, but what you might not realize is how much there is to do once you get there …


Dine in a restaurant under the sea. On the beach, over the water … under the sea – you’ve not seen true luxury’ until you’ve experienced dining options like the ones at the Maldives’ latest resort, Hurawalhi. Opening 1 December, this cool retreat is one where you don’t have to don a wetsuit, or even enter the water at all, to see the remarkable local sea life. Just don’t let that giant ugly fish put you off your grub.

Go on an island hopping adventure. With well over 1,000 islands to explore, it’s a wonder island hopping didn’t catch on sooner in the Maldives. On this brand new tour, you’ll be diving the best sites in the South Male Atoll by day, then kicking back with a different bunch of locals every night – the perfect break if you’re listless with all things luxe.

Nurse turtles back to health. What’s better than staying in a rustic thatched-roof villa on a boardwalk over the Indian Ocean? Loads of turtles, that’s what. The Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu resort has teamed up with marine charity the Olive Ridley Project to help nurture injured sea turtles back to their best – expect tailored snorkel adventures and romantic interiors.

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu resort


Learn to get some kip. All 36 acres of the supremely elegant Shanti Maurice resort ooze absolute escapism. No, that’s not us – it’s that feeling you get when you finally let yourself relax with this retreat’s brand-new yogic sleep programme, which helps you sit back, get meditative and feel the zzzs…

Take a walk with some ancient giant tortoises. Ok, so with loads of 100-year-old giant tortoises, we can hardly call the Francois Legault Reserve reserve of bat-filled caves and rare plants new (although it certainly makes a change to your normal Mauritius beach break). But if your perfect getaway’s all about living life in the slow lane, well, there’s really now here better to ramble round for an hour or two.

Eat creole cuisine on a food tour. With a rich culture of creole cuisine, Mauritius is pretty much a heaven for foodies. On this week-long tour from Feast of Mauritius you’ll chomp your way through 35 recipes while sampling the best rum, lobster and, er, waterfalls this blissful tropical Island has to offer.

Mauritius – Lost in Paradise

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