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Estuary Island Resort: Luxury Vacation With A 5 Stars View

This 5-star resort whose mission is to ‘Share Kerala’s best with the world’ is the state’s only luxury resort to enjoy an estuary -facing location. Positioning itself as a destination in itself, it’s clearly taking advantage of its splendid setting—a magical spot where Nature conspires to bring together a river, a lake, an estuary, a beach and the Arabian Sea. The waters here are home to a substantial community of marine life and are also a magnet for a great avifaunal species. For migratories too, the island offers an ideal resting place, before they take off for their long haul journeys to Canada, the Middleast, Africa, Australia and Europe.

Spread over 16 acres it celebrates the concept of ‘the un-built’ in architecture. The actual structure of the property comprises just 12% of the total resort area thereby allowing for the setting up gardens of different themes which are colonized by many species of butterflies and avifauna. The backwaters are just 1km away from its boundaries—so the resort appears to float seamlessly into iconic Kerala backwaters landscape and then into the nearby beach and the Arabian Sea.

Keralas leisure experiences take a fresh turn at the resort which offers a choice of 108 stylish rooms. A touch of seamless services is backed by the excellent facilities provided for guests. One can enjoy a range of Ayurveda treatments, enjoy gourmet meals in their restaurant on the water, take a sunset boat cruise, go angling and even savour some beautiful performances when there are evenings of cultural programme.

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