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WHAT IS THE OUTSTANDING GREEN FACTOR? Located in Song Saa is the first marine reserve in Cambodia. Established in 2006, the resort has worked closely with the foundation to support coral reef restoration and fishing ground developments across its archipelago home. Its newest project includes protecting one of the planet’s rarest marine ecosystems: sea grass. In 2011, Song Saa and the local community established the first island-based solid waste management system in Cambodia. There are also nurseries to support the reforestation of damaged mangroves and rainforests within the country. The foundation also pioneered “Boat of Hope” – a vessel that travels between the Cambodian islands to provide educational, medical and livelihood support to the villages it visits.

Song Saa Private Island,  Cambodia
Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

STYLE BONUS? Song Saa Private Island features 27 intimate and imposing villas, each designed to reflect the simple beauty of the natural environment. Expect to find recycled timber from disused fishing boats, furniture made from driftwood collected from local beaches and coves and floors made from timber salvaged from old factories and warehouses within your expansive villa. Throughout the resort, visitors will also notice the consistent use of colours and textures that represent Cambodia’s fishing traditions. Most importantly, guests are pampered in the lap of luxury with plush Ploh Linen beddings, grand oversized bathtubs, private decks and pools, and tailored bespoke service.

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