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Thompson Hotel: Seattle’s Luxurious Treasure

Everything about Thompson Seattle is infused with the same pride and craftsmanship that give the emerald city its alluring character. Just a stone’s throw from iconic Pike Place Market, this hot new luxury boutique hotel has a refined edge. It’s sophisticated, yet has a residential style with elements inspired by Seattle’s aviation heritage and breathtaking vistas. And sure, the hotel’s 12-story glass “lantern-like” exterior is gorgeous, along with those always-booked corner studios and suites, but the real star of this show is quite literally on top of it all. Behold The Nest, a jaw-dropping rooftop bar and lounge. Almost as delicious as the view are The Nest’s handcrafted cocktails mixed with custom ices designed to showcase the flavor notes of each drink.

Thompson Hotel
Thompson Hotel

These glamorous libations pair beautifully with cuisine by Executive Chef Derek Simcik. A recent transplant to Seattle from Santa Barbara, Simick prides himself on creating evolving menus that offer a mix of comforting and crave-able items, all featuring locally and regionally sourced ingredients. (Hint: Order the oysters!) The Nest serves small shareable plates and cocktails designed to foster social interaction in a communal setting,” explains Simcik. What does that mean?! Translation—drinks so good and so strong you can’t help but make friends with your neighbors. Bonding is unstoppable over such winners as The Hummingbird, made with Hendricks gin, Becherovka, lemon cordial, and lavender bitters with a drizzle of honey. Time to fly to The Nest? Oh, honey, you know it!

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