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Lanai: Enjoy The Four Seasons In Luxury

LAND. Take the family on an adventure with a Four Seasons Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Cultural Tour. You will trek through the forests and trails of beautiful Lănai on an adrenaline-filled excursion as you learn about the diverse landscapes, history, and natural environment. Escape fora horseback rBEACH-SANDide into the hills surrounding Ko’ele, once the center of ranching operations on the island, or explore the wooded valleys and trails of this extraordinary upland terrain, home to Axis deer, Mouflon sheep, quail, and turkey. With only 30 miles of paved road, Lanai is well suited for off-roading. Rent a jeep from the Four Seasons Island Adventure Center, pack a picnic, and explore the rugged terrain and breathtaking scenery.

SEA. Take a Snorkel Sail, a new luxury custom sailing catamaran, for a three-hour adventure, complete with snorkeling gear, instructors, and a Four Seasons’ boxed lunch. Visit a secluded cove beneath 1,000-foot-high sea cliffs on Lanai’s southwest coast, where schools of darting tropical fish dart through the crystal clear waters. With its protected bays and coves, Lanai is the perfect location for first-time and experienced scuba divers alike.

Explore underwater coral grottoes and lava caves and enjoy safe encounters with tropical sea life. For those who enjoy the simplicity of snorkeling and would like to experience the wonders of breathing underwater, SNUBA is an ideal alternative, bridging the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving. Using a 20-foot airline connected to a scuba tank, divers are free to explore beneath the surface with ease.

Four Seasons Resort Lanai
Four Seasons Resort Lanai

AIR. Novice pilots can get behind the wheel of a plane, learn to fly, and perform basic flight maneuvers such as takeoff, cruise, and land with Maui Flight Academy. This 2 to 4-hour experience includes some of the most gorgeous views imaginable while flying alongside the tall sea cliffs to Molokai and soaring over the lush West Maui mountains. Or sit back and enjoy an aerial adventure via helicopter and an educational tour on the island’s history, culture, and beauty. Or charter your own helicopter and visit everything from coffee estates to remote beaches. Make sure to land along the way for a picnic or hike before seeing a stunning sunset in midair.

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