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The Disney Sea Park: The Land Of Fun And Celebration

The summer of 2016 marks a special occasion for Tokyo Disney Sea Park. The only Disney Park themed to the sea is celebrating its 15th anniversary since its opening on 4 September 2001. Tokyo Disney Sea Park is the second Disney Park to open in Japan and is located just next to the popular Tokyo Disneyland® Park. The two parks complement and enhance each other. Tokyo Disneyland® Park is its more traditional park, and retains classic Disney stories of fantasy, dreams and magic, while Tokyo Disney Sea Park inspires with its experiences based on ocean lore and facts focusing on adventure, romance, discovery and fun. This year’s anniversary celebration for Tokyo Disney Sea Park carries the theme of “Wishes”.

During the year-long celebration, crystals of various colours symbolising the individual wishes of Mickey Mouse and the Disney Friends will decorate the park. The Crystals of Wishes is integrated into the brand new show, Crystal Wishes Journey that is presented in the waters at Mediterranean Harbor. The thrilling show of song and dance in colourful costumes ends with a vibrant display of kites flying past, pyrotechnics and the cast parading past on their boats to signify the start of new journeys for the 15th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Sea Park.


Guests are also invited to collect their own Crystals of Wishes with the new interactive Crystal Compass, a special commemorative merchandise created just for the event. The wand-like device requires guests to run around the park looking for the seven Crystal Points. Collect the different colours of the Crystal Wishes and have all seven points of the Crystal Compass light up! The real magic occurs during the night time Fantasmic! show. Watch as every Crystal Compass in the audience glows and changes colours in sync to the musical and light show that shows short clips of classic Disney movies in time to the music. Head back to the entrance of Tokyo Disney Sea® Park where the fantastical ship, Wings of Wishes, is situated to hear a special message from Mickey Mouse delivered to you through the Crystal Compass as well!

Of course, there are many more specialty souvenirs bearing Mickey Mouse and the Disney Friends in their 15th anniversary outfits and a motif of the Crystals of Wishes. The many restaurants at Tokyo Disney Sea Park also have curated menus for the occasion, where some dishes are served with a souvenir cup or collectible glass. Look out for the special Duffy items and 15th anniversary wine bottle label that are exclusive to Tokyo Disney Sea Park too.

In addition to the celebration are two new shows as well. A new version of Big Band Beat debuted this summer with new music and scenes, with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse proudly showing off their new costumes. This is the first time the iconic swing jazz performance has been changed since its opening in July 2006. The other show is an original story created just for the Hangar Stage in Lost River Delta. Out of Shadowland tells the story of a young, timid girl lost in a world of shadows. The dynamic scenes that uses moving live performances, vivid images and other elements will let guests experience a world unlike any seen before. Apart from the celebrations, don’t forget to check out the rest of the enchanting park!


There are seven ports of call at Tokyo Disney Sea Park that make Disney magic at the sea come alive: Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Port Discovery, Lost River Delta, Arabian Coast, Marmaid Lagoon, and Mysterious Island are all different in offering a taste of the sea (and under the sea!) from the far corners of the earth. The rest of Tokyo Disney Resort must also be visited. At Tokyo Disneyland Park, leave the everyday world behind and enter a realm of excitement, adventure, fantasy and fun at seven distinct themed lands arranged around a central world.

Be immersed in the stories of Disney classic films as characters and worlds come alive at various attractions and shows. Shuttle between parks via the Disney Resort Line monorail that circles the resort, including the official hotels and IKSPIARI, a complex of 140 shops and restaurants and a 16-theatre cinema.

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