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South Korea Goes Global

Sharing its historical heritage and cultural diversity, South Korea Sets the ball rolling for heady new experiences

The diversity of the local offerings of Busan and Gyeongju – the hottest new holiday destinations – are perfect for Indian leisure travellers looking for something different. The cross-cultural engagement with local communities is just the ticket for a whole new bunch of holiday memories. Follow it up with an exploration of Jeju Island and timeless Seoul.

Beautiful Busan

Korea’s second largest city is home to the legendary Beomeosa Temple. Visiting this 638 CE Buddhist religious site is not only a moving experience, you’ll also enjoy its architectural marvels. Haeundae and Gwangalli beaches are now attracting rising numbers of foreigners looking for a local vibe and finding it in beach cafés and restaurants and the weekend performances by local bands. Memorable too are visits to the revitalised residential spaces of hip and selfie-hot spot Gamcheon village with its murals and artistic leanings. Sample street art and meet local artists while picking up souvenirs and trawling the ancient alleys lined with traditional houses.

The Gems of Gyeongjugyeongju-south-korea

The rural splendour of this region offers a marvellous contrast to Seoul and port city Busan. Visitors to this bastion of the ancient kingdom of Silla can trawl the 300 historical sites in this open air-museum of the Gyeongju Historic Area. Across the districts of Namsan, Wolseong, Daereungwon and Hwangiyongsa temple you’ll discover 52 UNESCO-acclaimed cultural assets. Don’t miss: Banwvolseong Fortress, Anapji Pond, Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju Folk Village, and the Silla Arts and Science Museum.


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