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Top 5 Heavenly Caribbean Beaches

Shoal Bay, Anguilla – Graced by over two miles of feathery, soft sand, Shoal Bay beach is well and truly an escape from reality. Due to its semi-private nature, it’s an ideal spot for couples to go to relax and take in one of Anguilla’s nicest beaches. For true fish and seafood lovers, the surrounding restaurants are known for their delicious red snapper and lobster dishes. Shoal Bay’s turquoise water is always picturesque and resembles something out of a postcard but travelers who have been there will vouch for its validity.

Shoal Bay, Anguilla
Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Eagle Beach, Aruba – Hailed by some as the number one beach in Aruba and perhaps the Caribbean, Eagle Beach has everything you need. From its crystal clear water to its trademark white sand, this beach is as relaxing as it gets. Visitors can take in the breathtaking sunset in original huts or in the shaded picnic areas all while enjoying a nice meal or a drink. When it comes to beaches in the Caribbean, Eagle beach is among the very best.

Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos – Grace Bay is one of the more relaxing beaches in the Caribbean as the waves are soft and the view is phenomenal. Ideal for both couples and families, this beach caters to everyone’s needs. Whether one would like to relax by sunbathing on the beach or by doing various water sports, Grace Bay beach has you covered. The beach is surrounded by some of the most highly-rated hotels and villas around the world and is among the Caribbean’s must-see destinations. Its clear water and white sand means it is a tourist hotspot year-round.

Crane Beach, Barbados – Known for its unique pink sands, Crane Beach is among the highlights in Barbados and in the Caribbean. The path of circular stone steps leading to the beach add a refined touch to an otherwise astonishing view. This beach is an adventurer’s paradise as it is surrounded by cliffs that visitors can dive off of. Near the cliffs, the waves are plentiful whereas further down the beach the water is calmer. In essence, Crane Beach is equipped for every type of tourist.

Crane Beach, Barbados
Crane Beach, Barbados

Baie Longue, Saint-Maarten – Whether it’s because of Baie Longue’s powder-like sand or its panoramic view of the mountains, this beach has emerged as a true favourite in the Caribbean. Baie Longue’s water is a swimmer’s delight as it is clear as day and has previously been described as a surfer’s dream due to its calm nature. This beach is ideal for travelers looking for a peaceful experience as it is extremely private. Been to these beaches or somewhere in the Caribbean that compares to them? Drop us a line and let us known where your heavenly Caribean beach is. Word-of-warning, it may set a stampede of visitors!

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