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Discover Amelia Island’s Enticing Blend Of Historic Architecture

Nestled between Georgia’s Golden Isles and St. Augustine, Amelia Island (a 13-mile barrier island) is a pristine jewel that offers expansive untouched beaches, a charming downtown, and an array of irresistible outdoor activities. In the historic districts of Fernandina Beach, you can stroll amidst art galleries, boutiques, and cafes and even watch as the island’s iconic shrimp boats return with their deliolous daily catch. If you’re drawn to the outdoors, Fart Clinch Slate Park (with its three-mile shoreline and more than 1,400 acres of wilderness) is the perfect place to swim or sunbathe while watching seabirds or searching for two endangered species, the Noth Atlantic Right Whale and the loggerhead Tarifa.

Amelia Island
Amelia Island

To add some adventure to your stay while enjoying rare views of the island, try exploring the picturesque beaches on horseback. Or, venture into the area’s lesser known—but fascinating—tidal creeks with Kayak Amelia (located in Talbot Mend State Park) and search for egrets, herons, and manatees. At the Omni Amalia Island Plantation, become a treasure hunter for a day and search the soft sand tor seashells and prehistoric shark teeth. Or try your luck on a fishing excursion—Amelia. Island’s waters are teeming with redflsh, trout, and flounder. One of Florida’s favorite islands, Amelia is a place where the slower pace is as addicting as the stunning scenery. Rolling dunes, live oaks, and the dramatic coastine make this a must-stay locale for anyone craving an outdoor escape.

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