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Latin Flare: Exploring The Amazement Of The Latino Lands


Atacama Desert – GO FOR: Stargazing Look up in London and you’ll probably see a couple of skanky pigeons, a tower block or two and. if you’re lucky, a tree. Stars, sadly, don’t come out to play in this city much. All the more reason, then, to head across the world to northern Chile’s Atacama Desert, home to the clearest night skies on the planet. If astro-tourism is something you fancy trying, really interesting night tours are available. Nebulas, clusters, galaxies: this place has them all. And the best part? No pigeons.


Rio de Janeiro – GO FOR: The Olympics (and beach) Didn’t make the cut for Rio 2016? No matter – the most photogenic city on earth (sorry, Cape Town) is best seen from its long, sandy beaches. Hit bustling Copacabana and haughty Ipanema for a proper look at Carioca beach life, or Prainha for a less hectic vibe and incredible views. This remarkable shot shows the locals jumping the waves at famous Copacabana beach, before playing a bit of footvolley on the sand. Even when the Olympics aren’t on, this is a city that lives for sport.


Cordillera Blanca – GO FOR: Trekking.  Here’s some good pub-quiz knowledge for you: the Cordillera Blanca is the most extensive tropical ice-covered mountain range in the world. And the Huandoy mountain peak, pictured here, is one of the most spectacular hiking destinations you could hope to trek. Even better, between these dramatic peaks you’ll find Instagram-worthy glacial lakes. It’s a bit of a slog to get there, but you won’t regret the effort for a second once you arrive. Unless you forget your smartphone, obviously…


La Paz – GO FOR: City heights Say hello to the world’s highest administrative capital, one that sits at just under 3,700m above sea level. Once you’ve acclimatised to the altitude, take a wander around the city’s slimline alleys and hilly streets. Wrap up – even when the sun is blazing, it gets pretty chilly. For real fine views, take the subway in the sky – aka the city’s cable car system which links different parts of the city. It’s a great way to avoid the congested roads, and your pics won’t be too shabby, either.

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