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Lowest Greenville Avenue – A Dallas Revival

Fountain of Cool – Restaurateur Elias Pope now presides over three of Lowest Greenville’s freshest ventures, including the new Remedy, a modern soda fountain that serves such twists on diner classics as confit-fried chicken and salted Texas honey pie.

Worth a Spin – At Good Records, the delight of unsheathing a new (or old) LP trumps the convenience of buying digital tracks. Staffers will turn you on to the best new bands, many of which come to jam on the Astroturf-covered stage.

Urban Picnic – Dallasites make the most of their nearly year-round patio season. At Truck Yard, with its tree-house bar and mismatched lawn chairs, things are as laid back as a trailer-park potluck— one with bottled cocktails, an ice cream stand, and rotating food trucks.

Play All Day – “Lowest Greenville is the ultimate walkable neighborhood again, just as it was when the 1920s-era storefronts were built. Now there’s such a mix of shops and restaurants that you can park your car at 11 a.m. and not leave until midnight. Come to Blind Butcher (1919 Greenville Ave.) for craft beers and stay fora dinner of poutine and boudin sausage. We opened in what had been a wild place called Service Bar, and I’m proud to say we have eliminated all memory of that club.” —M.T., co-owner of Blind Butcher.

The Blind Butcher is a perfect location to enjoy a tasty meal and spend quality time with your loved ones.
The Blind Butcher is a perfect location to enjoy a tasty meal and spend quality time with your loved ones.

The Coffee Hunt Is Over – Housed in a former nightclub, Mudsmith is now a cafe with a hunting lodge vibe (wood-paneled walls, taxidermy animals) and a menu that satisfies the health conscious (kombucha on tap) and the self-indulgent (cheese melts, shaved ice with cream).

Sugar Mama – At Dude, Sweet Chocolate, pastry chef Katherine Clapner whips up confections that straddle the sweet-savory divide, from porcini-infused toffee and truffles tinged with blue cheese to liquor-laced potions to mix into cocktails. Bonus: There’s a sampling station.

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