The 12 Best US Places To Visit By Month

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Warm Weather: Charleston

Charleston is one of the best US places to visit in our country on any day of the year, but visit during the Wine and Food Festival at the beginning of March, and you’ll be greeted with a Southern epicurean spectacle you won’t want to miss. It features over 100 unique culinary occasions that will fill your belly but feed your soul.

For five mouth-watering days, it serves as the location for a gathering of winemakers, top chefs, artisans, authors, storytellers, and food enthusiasts from all over the world. This Wine and Food Festival consists of dinners, lunches, brunches, signature events, cooking classes, excursions, and a considerable tasting experience. It has something for everyone.

Pro Tip: Later in the month, as Spring flowers start to bloom, it’s the perfect time to travel down the coast to Savannah and on to the Golden Isles.

Cold Weather: Connecticut

Batten down the hatches, swab the decks, and set sail for an adventure in Mystic. This seaside “best US place” is devoted to marine life, and movies like Mystic Pizza and Amistad took place here. From the famous Mystic Seaport, a recreated 19th-century seafaring village, to the newly updated Mystic Aquarium, where you can socialize with some beluga whales, seals, and dolphins, there is something seafaring at each turn.

You can spend your day at the Mystic Seaport Museum, the botanical garden, and the Mystic Aquarium. Afterward, grab a bite to eat at famous restaurants like the S&P Oyster Restaurant and Bar or Mystic Pizza. This adorable small town offers a collection of exciting outdoor adventures and cultural activities to keep you busy while here! The Colonial period buildings of Olde Mystick Village even offer a historical atmosphere and plenty of unique gift shops.

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