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Sweden: Winter Landscape

November – March

Sweden is a magical place in winter, as it transforms into a scene not too dissimilar from Disney’s now infamous film, Frozen. While it may be a particularly cold holiday, the widespread snowfall opens up a world of opportunities, from dog sledding and snowmobiling to cross country skiing and Northern Lights chasing. Intriguingly, bushcraft is another activity on offer to travellers, and it’s probably one of the most rewarding. Davaj Northern Bushcraft & Trekking offers a range of options for those eager to learn the skills and techniques of the Sami, Inuit, Tlingit and other people inhabiting the Borealarea.

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden


Learn how to create fire, make shelter and source food and water on a bushcraft course in the country’s pristine wilderness.

Explore the clear lakes, vast woodland and untouched mountains on foot.

Alternatively, go on a snowmobiling tour and travel through some of Scandinavia’s most beautiful scenery.

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