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Three Things You’ve Always Missed In Majorca

Bellver Castle and Santueri Castle – The 700-year-old Bellver Castle dominates the city of Palma and its circular ground plan is a unique example of Gothic military architecture. Bellver is the best-conserved mountain castle in Majorca and has played a prominent part in the island’s history since the 14th century. It sits on a peak, 475 metres high, and commands panoramic views over the country and the coastal stretch of the Migjorn – the south of Mallorca.

Ensaimada Yummy! No other product is more typical or famous than the Ensaimada. This sweet, spiral-shaped bun has become the breakfast not only of Majorcans and visitors; its consumption has spread to bars and bakeries overseas. Since its main ingredient is sugar, it’s obviously popular with the British.

Ensaimada de Mallorca
Ensaimada de Mallorca

National Parks Forty percent of the land area of Majorca is protected as national parkland, and almost all of it is in the interior. Visits are generally free to the nine locations and show a different aspect to the “sun sea and sand” stereotypical view of the island. “Wildlife, wonder and, phew, it’s hot”.

There are nearly 300000 beds on Majorca, not including the “sun” ones.

Park your yacht, Nelson. There are over 50 moorings around Majorca.

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