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WHAT IS THE OUTSTANDING GREEN FACTOR? It is not often you find a hotel that proudly proclaims that they are 100% organic, but Mas Salagros Ecoresort & Aire Ancient Bath boasts such a feat with their high standards of sustainability and eco-conscious projects. One such example is the bioclimatic architecture; they use “green roofs” with plants grown on it to help save energy as it reduces the ambient temperature and acts as a natural insulation.

It also stimulates biodiversity in the environment and is especially beneficial to insects and other animal life. The other dominant factor is the use of locally sourced biofuels to provide heat. A biomass boiler is fed wood chips from the sustainable management of Catalonia’s woods, and generates all the energy required for heating and domestic hot water use. This ensures a significant reduction in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gass emissions compared to traditional fuels.

Hotel Mas Salagros Eco Resort & Ancient Baths
Hotel Mas Salagros Eco Resort & Ancient Baths

STYLE BONUS? This quaint hotel has 54 rooms of different types, all fully equipped and decorated with 100% natural and ecological materials including wood, natural latex pillows, organic cotton towels and bed linen. Don’t forget to drop by Aire de Vallromanes – a thermal bath inspired by ones used by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Ottoman Turks. Enveloped in true elegant decor and accompanied by flickering candlelight, you will feel your body begin to unwind as the beneficial effects from the steam bath, or Hammam, start to work on your physical and mental well-being. There are also several outstanding leisure, sporting and cultural activities available at the resort for endless delight.

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