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Enter A Different World Via Asturias

A trip through the cultural riches of Asturias is almost like a journey through the ages of human history. That ‘s because in every comer of this Spanish stronghold you’ll find a small fragment from civilisations past. From Paleolithic etchings to medieval houses, lavish 19th-century residences to postmodern urban constructions, Asturias is a living document of our times.

Paving the way for the future

With a wealth of cutting-edge constructions, Asturias is a hub of modem culture. The round formations that make up the Oscar Niemeyer Centre stand prominently in Aviles, while the futuristic lines of the Oviedo Congress and Exhibiton Centre are a startling contrast to Pre-Romanesque architecture. In Gijon, the LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre houses a whole host of modem artists and contemporary craftspeople, with frequent exhibitions and talks from its resident creatives, showcasing Asturias1 commitment to the future talent of Spain.

LABoral Art

The dawn of man

One of the most surprisnig sights is the presence of cave paintings, evident in Tito Bustillo and El Pindal. At the former site, drawings are superimposed one over the other, showing that the cave’s various inhabitants between 22,000 and 10,000 BC were keen on redecorating after moving in. The most interesting depiction is one of a whale or dolphin, a rare sight in prehistoric art but most likely spotted off the Asturian coast.

The Way of St James

Otherwise known as the Camino del Salvador, parts of this famous pilgrimage route have earned Unesco World Heritage status. Stretching 75 miles, the roots of this walk originate from the Muslim invasion when many Christian treasures were sent northwards for safekeeping. Travellers were encouraged to visit the Cathedral of Our Saviour in Oviedo before travelling onwards to Santiago, and today adventurers retrace those steps on a four-day walk, taking in the magnificent expanses of countryside and religious relics in between stops.

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