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Basque Country – Luxury, Beaches And Culinary Experiences All The Way

There are many reasons for you to visit the Basque Country. It is home to among the world’s finest food, beaches in natural settings and avant-garde architecture. This area in northern Spain is an ideal place for an all-round visit, with its privileged location in the south of Europe, in the green north of Spain, and with everything close at hand.

The three Basque regional capitals are good examples of how this identity is expressed. Donostia/San Sebastian is a cosmopolitan city to enjoy the delightful pace of living at the seaside. Bilbao is a culturally rich and stimulating city, which competes with leading European cities in terms of quality and modernity. Vitoria has a rich heritage and modern, well laid out user-friendly urban planning.

The Basque Mountains and Valleys and the quintessential villages dotted around, reflect the thousand year-old history and traditions kept alive. The Basque Coast with its 250 km of beaches, estuaries, marshlands, cliffs and fishing villages, reflects nature which is abrupt yet generous with a living and intensely blue sea.

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