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Seychelles Sanctuary

Combining the restorative benefits of natural beauty with world-class spas, Seychelles offers wellness holidays like no other

To most of us, the very word Seychelles is synonymous with escape: 115 islands of exceptional beauty scattered across the equator, their shores washed by the gentle, azure waters of the Indian Ocean. It’s one of those rare places where, from dawn until after dark, life is still lived at the slow pace of nature; a haven for rare birds and animals, for beautiful trees and flowers – and a refuge for human bodies, minds and spirits wearied by the demands of modern urban living. It’s little wonder that, from being a secret shared among only the most sophisticated travellers, Seychelles has become renowned as a paradise where nature’s richness, peace and beauty provide an almost magical cure for stress.

And yet, as if this wasn’t enough, the islands offer a remarkable selection of spas and wellness retreats, where nature’s own restorative powers are boosted by world-class treatments and holistic programmes that enable guests to reboot their mind, body and soul.

Hilton Seychelles Resort & Spa

From luxurious sanctuaries set on the edge of powder-soft beaches to hillside retreats with heart-stoppingly beautiful views of jungle and ocean, and from larger-scale resorts, set amid lush tropical gardens, to intimate boutique hotels and several entirely private islands, the emphasis in Seychelles is on a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Thus, nature is combined with nurture; hands-on treatments – massages, scrubs and wraps – alternate with energy-boosting hikes and relaxing sessions of snorkelling on the reefs, sailing or fishing. Eastern philosophies mix with Western approaches – yoga, t’ai chi and qigong are offered alongside Ayurvedic cures and meditation.

Local preparations from Seychelles’ own virgin forests are offered alongside the finest international brands and signature treatments of world-renowned spas to provide energy boosts or reduce stress, according to need. A vast range of beauty and grooming treatments are offered, to complete the sense of renewal.

With a perfectly judged balance between relaxation and animation, amid some of the most beautiful surroundings on Earth, taking a wellness-focused break in Seychelles is one of life’s most valuable experiences.seychelles

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