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All Time High

Nepal may be famous for Everest, the highest mountain in the world, but explore further and you’ll discover a country packed with forests, hillside villages and warm hospitality

When you’re standing in the shadow of the world’s highest peak, it’s impossible not to look up and feel an immense sense of wonder, amazement and inspiration as the wind ruffles your hair and the cold braces your skin.

Being face-to-face with Everest, the towering icon of adventurous spirit that stretches a tremendous five and a half miles above one of the world’s most diverse and profoundly beautiful countries, you’ll also struggle to think of Nepal without thinking about its mightiest mountain.

Everest is home to some of the planet’s most extreme, rugged and stunning terrain, and trekking to base camp is one of Earths greatest challenges, but also one of its ultimate rewards. Months of training – both physical and mental – have also seen some of the world’s greatest climbers make it to the famous summit.

Of course, you don’t have to reach the snowy peaks of the world’s highest mountain to experience the beauty and diversity of Nepal. The nation’s rich cultural identity can be discovered in the gently undulating valleys and beautiful rural hamlets that sit well below the flags and tents of base camp.

Take Lumbini, the pilgrimage site to the south of the country famed as the birthplace of Buddha – a site of incredible cultural significance that fills the nation with a spiritual legacy altogether different from the natural wonder of the Himalayas.

Nepal is a country crammed with vivid colour, a place for adventure and relaxation

Beyond the country’s sites you’ll find Nepal to be one of the world’s friendliest destinations. As you explore its vast cedar forests and hillside villages you’ll experience warm greetings from the locals, and the call of the Danfe, the colourful national bird of Nepal. From the busy, temple-filled streets and valleys of Kathmandu to the serene lakeside oasis of Pokhara, Nepal is a place of vivid colour and splendour that gives you a trip that’s perfectly poised between adventure and relaxation.

So, whether you’re discovering the spiritual home of Buddhism, escaping from the frenzied pace of the modern world or trekking the mighty Himalayas themselves, in Nepal, you’ll unearth bliss, serenity and the pure authenticity of being with every single step you take.

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