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Re-discovering the Heart of Myanmar with Sedona Hotel Yangon

An up-and-coming destination for leisure and business travellers, Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – is making waves as a hub for tourists and businesses

While my stay in Myanmar was a short one, it was not difficult to notice how the traditional Burmese culture blended in with some of the more modern cultures, practices, and technologies. It was commonplace to see Burmese women dressed in trendy and fashionable blouses coupled with the traditional Longyi (pronounced long-gee). This long woven fabric, typically made from vibrantly coloured cotton or silk, is wrapped around the waist and hangs like a long skirt.

Facets of Tradition of Modernity

A more physical representation of the modern-meets-traditional vibe of Myanmar is the Sedona Hotel Yangon. Established with the concept of “warm Asian hospitality with contemporary indulgences”, the Sedona Hotel Yangon brings in a touch of modern luxury with the addition of its Inya Wing. The Inya Wing stands tall in contrast to the older Garden Wing and overlooks its namesake, the Inya Lake. With its colonial design, the Garden Wing stands for a more traditional aspect of the hotel, both inside and out, whilst the Inya Wing brings forward a more modern stand point with its towering structure and luxury apartment-esque room designs.

Hints of Myanmar’s ethnic culture is further represented in the interior of both wings through design accents of the Burmese Umbrella. Whilst the Burmese umbrella may seem like a rendition from a different age, it is still used as a functional accessory among the locals to shelter them from the strong sun.myanmar-hotel


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