Mini Guide – Autumn in Bavaria

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The Bavarian Plate – Eating in Bavaria is a seasonal affair; autumn dishes include mushrooms, pumpkin, game and zwiebelkuchen (onion tart).

– Bavarians use all parts of the pig. Look for rippchen (ribs), züngerl (tongue), schweinshaxe (knuckle) and wammerl (belly).

– Try Villa Mittermeier in Rothenburgob derTauber for great food, or Vinzenzmurr, a butcher and deli with outlets in Füssenand Munich.

– Bavaria’s flagship sausage is the veal weisswurst. In eastern Bavaria and Franconia the smaller, spicy bratwurst rules. In Nuremberg, Bratwursthäusle is an inn that sets the standard for sausage.

– Kartoffel (potato) is served as salzkart offeln (boiled), bratkart offeln (fried) or kartoffelpüree (mashed). Sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) is also a common side order.

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