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48 Hours In Venice By Land & Water

CAVALLINO – TREPORTI – This is a peninsula dividing the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea, which includes Punta Sabbioni, Cavallino, Treporti and Lio Piccolo. Every summer the place, mainly Punta Sabbioni, is invaded by millions of visitors who choose to come here for the beach, for the camping, and also because staying here is much cheaper than staying in the centre of Venice, but still close enough to be able to visit the city and its islands. You won’t have enough time to visit all three islands and the peninsula in just one day, but this offers a great alternative if you would like to spend a day cycling surrounded by nature in the Venetian Lagoon.

Take the motonave from Lido to Punta Sabbioni and cycle to Treporti where, near the small main square, you can have a fabulous lunch at Locanda Zanella. Then you can cycle further, all the way to Lio Piccolo, while enjoying a stunning view of the lagoon. Here you are fully immersed in unspoiled nature. With the exception of a few buildings and a church with a bell tower, the village is mainly agricultural and offers an interesting bird life – you might even spot flamingos and herons. Bird watching might not be what you think of when you think of Venice, but this is a city of land and water, and the sea birds are as much part of it as its people and historic architecture.

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