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The Source Of Life, Bali

Usually rain is pouring down hard in Bali at this time of the year. But due to global warming, the weather has been pretty unpredictable. So whether November sees rainy days that you have to carry an umbrella wherever you go or beautiful sunny days that make you want to plunge in a pool, we want to invite you to embrace the water.

Water heals – and the Mulia Spa understands this very well. Aside from its massage treatments, this spa has complete facilities from a Hydrotherapy pool to their Emotional Steam Room. And only at the Mulia Spa will you find Asia Pacific’s first ever Ice Room. Flip through ‘Invite & Indulge’ to discover more about this spa. And if you’re looking for a place to swim in Bali, the ‘Fofo Folio’ boasts seven swimming pools, each with its own distinctive style. From the long and heated pool in Padma Ubud to the eco-friendly pool in Bambu Indah, and the infinity pool that overlooks the ocean in Anantara Uluwatu – you pick!

At the same time you are also invited to appreciate water as the source of life, which you can learn from the springs in Bali. The Balinese construct pipelines so that everyone can enjoy the fresh water straight from the spring. They also build a Pura Beji and a statue of Dewa Wishnu to honor the water.

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