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Water Indulgence, Bali

Healing Sensesmulia-spa

The oxygenated Hydrotherapy pool is surrounded by frangipani trees and divided into warm and cold Water pools. I first took a dip in the warm pool to warm myself from the Ice Room. The pool is also designed with water pressure on every side to take away the tension on one’s body. I decided to let my back, neck, and shoulder enjoy the water pressure that actually fell like a firm massage. Then I tried the cold pool where the water pressure gave me the same pleasure. I could feel all the aching in my joints being carried away by the water.

As much as I enjoyed being in the pool I had to get out of it as the Balinese massage was waiting for me. A therapist then took me to a treatment room where a footbath was already prepared. Most of Mulia Spa’s treatments begin with a foot wash ritual with foot gel made of cucumber and aloe vera, followed by a palm scrub with sea salt. Next I lay down on the massage bed facing the ceiling, and let the session began with aroma breathing where the therapist told me to breath in and breath out three times while she was swinging a flower right in front of my face. She asked me to close my eyes and started the aura cleansing with the singing bowl. These two rituals successfully calmed my mind and took me to a deeper sedative state of mind. Then she stretched my body with her palms and gave me an on-point massage that relieved my tension and improved my blood flow. The Balinese massage also uses an ancient deep tissue massage technique where the combination of effleurage, palming, stretching and pressure points help harmonize one’s body, mind and spirit.

Another interesting point that I would like to highlight during my experience at Mulia Spa is the fact that the therapists understand each of the products, techniques and facilities at the spa in detail. It is totally relaxing when you know you’re in good hands, isn’t it?


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