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Asia’s first luxury hotel, The Laiit Great Eastern is a heritage landmark, located in the main business district of Kolkata. Referred to as the ‘Jewel of the East’ and the ‘Best Hotel East of Suez’ by Mark Twain, it has the distinction of being the longest operating hotel—for 165 years.

USP – Great Eastern in itself is a landmark, being Asia’s first luxury hotel. It owns the first bakery of Kolkata and still serves a few delicacies from the past.

The Lalit Great Eastern Hotel
The Lalit Great Eastern Hotel

HERITAGE PICK – An eight-foot concrete cup stands in the balcony, a replica of the trophy that the wife of A.L. Bilimoria, the then chairman of Great Eastern Hotel, received from Queen Elizabeth II, after his horse won in 1961.

BLENDING HISTORY WITH LUXURY – After a seven-year restoration, the iconic hotel reopened in 2013. The old architecture was preserved and a new portion developed on the available open space. The hotel now has three wings with three distinct characters and decor representing three eras of history, Victorian (1837-1901), Edwardian (1901-10) and contemporary. These three styles have been amalgamated via the corridors which connect them and which house the old artefacts to illustrate the transition. The luxe factor remains the core of this hotel.

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