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Mini Guide – Shillong, Meghalaya

Reminiscent of the British era, Shillong is a bustling hill station with pretty pockets of calm.

Why Go?

Shillong is a vibrant, sometimes chaotic, town dotted with old cottages, chaotic bazaars packed with interesting finds, and streets filled with cosy eateries offering intriguing local cuisine and great cafés.

What is There to Do?

Relax and take in the view at Ward’s Lake, dive into local cultures at Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures, brave the manic alleyways of Bara Bazar for great deals, or gawk at beautiful waterfalls during the rains.

See & Do

Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures

This well-maintained museum filled with tribal artefacts is a great place at which to explore the region’s cultures. Galleries house art, photographs, musical instruments, jewellery, costumes, weapons and objects of daily life that give an insight into the region and her history.

Wankhar Entomology Museum

This unique museum, set up in the 1930s, houses a collection of rhinoceros beetles, fascinating stick insects and incredible pinned butterflies in various colours, patterns and sizes from the local Wankhar family.

Ward’s Lake

A great place at which to find a little calm in the bustling town, this beautiful man-made lake has a landscaped garden filled with colourful flower beds in which to unwind. Take a stroll along the pretty, ornamental bridge or go for a short paddle-boat ride around the lake.

All Saint’s Cathedralall-saints

The re-building of the Colonial era cathedral was completed in 1902, with the addition of a charming façade and colourful stained-glass panels. Visit early morning when the ringing bells and the pretty surroundings add to the charm or on Sunday to attend the English service.

Bara Bazar

For some interesting retail therapy, head to Bara Bazar’s labyrinth of manic alleys, which are chock full of stalls overflowing with everything from meats and vegetables to clothes and local handicrafts. Also known as Lewduh Market, this is one of the oldest and largest traditional markets in the region and an early-morning visit here is really quite an experience.


Spend a day visiting the local waterfalls – great places to picnic with the family surrounded by stunning views. Spread Eagles Falls, sited within the Shillong Cantonment area on the city outskirts, gets its name from its resemblance to the eagle’s spread wings. You can also make a trip to the popular Sweet Falls located near Happy Valley (8km from Shillong) and the cascading Elephant Falls, located close to Shillong Peak (12km from Shillong). The best time to visit the waterfall is during the monsoon season.

Elephant Falls


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