Hottest Travel Trends in 2016

Walking not Wellness

Great Ocean Road Tour – Australia

Spas?Pah! 2016 is the great year to get out of the hot-tub and into the great outdoors. Ramblers Holidays’ 13-day guided Australian Adventure takes in the Great Ocean Road or there’s Walk Japan’s self-guided Nakasendo Wayfarer.

Food Tourism

Reykjavik cuisine -Reykjavik, Iceland

Nordic cuisine is having a bit of moment – eat it at the source with Iceland Traveller’s seven-night itinerary, which winningly mixes Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. Intrepid’s Real Food Adventure also takes in Montenegro.

Expert-Led Tours

Turkish ancient ruins

Who better to guide you through Turkey’s ancient ruins than an archaeologist? Documentary maker Peter Sommers will escort an In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great tour. Alternatively, head to Botswana for in-situ tips on how to photograph elephants from wildlife cameraman Nick Garbutt.

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