Enjoy Your Holiday Like You’re a Thai-Born

Bird watching

The vast size of Thailand means the country experiences diverse climates and environments, which make it a great place for various bird species to call the thick jungles, offshore islands and cooler mountainous regions home. Catch rarer birds in action with bird-watching activities all around Thailand.

  • Doi Inthanon National Park
Chestnut-tailed Minla

This national park in Chiang Mai is 300m above any other mountain in the country, which gives it a cooler environment. There are a wide variety of birds here and it is a favoured spot among novice bird watchers as birds like the Chestnut-tailed Minla, Green-tailed Sunbird, and Rufous-winged Fulvetta are in abundance here and can be easily spotted. Down the mountain are also the highly sought after Green Cochoa and Yellow-cheeked Tit. Nearer the rivers and waterfalls are also rarer birds like the White-capped Water Redstart.

  • Kheng Krachan National Park
A bird feeding its baby – Kheng Krachan National Park

The largest national park in Thailand can be found in Petchaburi and Prachuab Kiri Khan provinces, which is just three hours from Bangkok. The forest here is in excellent condition and shares ground with the border of Myanmar as well, which makes it a great refuge for some of Asia’s rarest mammals and birds. Some of the bird species spotted here can often not be found anywhere else in Thailand and is therefore a place to visit for bird enthusiasts. One of the rarest bird to have been spotted is the Giant Pitta that makes an appearance once every few years at most.

Nature and wildlife

The national parks of Thailand are some of the most beautiful with its rainforests, limestone karsts, mountains and crystal blue lakes, and they are home to different types of wildlife as well For a change in scenery, take a day trip to a national park for fun for the whole family.

  • Erawan National Park


Set in west Thailand in Kanchanaburi province is Erawan National Park. The park’s major attraction is Erawan Falls, a seven-tiered waterfall with pools at various heights of the falls. Visitors can easily climb up the waterfall to bathe in the pools to cool down in the afternoon. The park also has several caves that can be explored, and several trails into the forest.

  • Khao Yai National Park


Khao Yai is Thailand’s oldest reserve. It was established as a national park in 1962 and is just three hours from Bangkok. Khao Yai is part of Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As part of the Sankamphaeng Mountain Range, the park is popular with hikers and mountain climbers but it is also appealing to animal lovers. Some common animals that can be spotted include elephants, bears, deer, otters, gibbons and macaques.

Farms and wineries

For city dwellers, Thailand offers a sneak peek into its extensive agriculture industry with farms and wineries open to visitors. The country has a strong history in rice production, as well as tropical fruits as well. In recent years, Thailand has been increasingly become popular for wine production too.

  • Vanich Farm

Designed to be agro-edutainment, Vanich Farm aims to teach visitors where food comes from through various activities and attractions. The corn farm plants many herbs and vegetables that are used in its restaurants. Visitors who come to Vanich Farm can learn more about rice planting in the farm’s paddy fields, watch corn production and even train young cows to plough fields.

  • Silverlake Vineyard


Founded just 15 years ago, Silverlake Vineyard has now become a destination for oenophiles looking to try tropical wine from Thailand. The vineyard bears both wine and table varieties and boasts the latest wine making and juicing technology from Italy. The vastly different soil conditions and use of pure water from the vineyard’s lakeside has allowed the vineyard to grow a number of different grape varieties that produce wines that have a fresh edge to them with fruity and bold notes of spice and smokiness. Visitors can tour the facilities and have a wine tasting at the Cellar Door.

Mountain biking/Trekking/Hiking


The rugged country of Thailand is a great place to mountain bike trek and hike. The undulating and wild landscapes of Thailand is enticing for short trails that take a day to cover to longer expeditions that cross multiple cities in a number of days.

  •  Khao Pom, Ko Samui

Take a chance on the almost uninhabitable jungle mountain, Khao Pom in Ko Samui with this short trek of about four to five hours. Catered to all skill levels, the trek can cover walks around the island to a more strenuous ones deep into the jungle and mountain fora fresh look of the island in a lush and preserved environment.

  • Cross-country Downhill Chiang Dao
Riding the Hills of Chiang Dao

Mountain bikers ready to cross terrains should definitely try this route on Chiang Dao, the last tooth of the Himalayas. The bike trek takes place mostly downhill in a thrilling ride that goes past a 200-year-old bamboo grove, Mae Tseng Valley and uninterrupted panoramic views of the mountain. Elephants in the river greet bikers at the last descent of the trip.

  • Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Soon

This is a hike not for the fainthearted. This remarkable journey that takes place over eight days will allow hikers to traverse an ancient trade route while indulging in cultural programmes for a deeper insight into Thailand’s rich customs and history. The route moves from Chiang Mai to Lor Cave and makes its way to various Thai villages and a truly spectacular stop on the highest summit in Mae Hong Soon before flying back to Chiang Mai.


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