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Anyone who’s ever dreamt of Harry Potter-style levitating tables or flying carpets will love the idea of Dinner in the Sky, where diners tuck into a meal at a dining table hovering 150 feet above the ground. The concept originated in Brussels about a decade ago, with mechanical cranes hoisting up a large platform with a dining table upon it. For entertainment, there’s the view—the city’s skyline spread out in front, with important landmarks like the Grand Place or Brussels’ famous Atomium, glittering in the distance.

The 22 guests are strapped into their chairs and award-winning chefs serve them from their station in the middle of the table. The concept has rapidly grown popular, with daredevil diners signing up for Dinner in the Sky at over 40 destinations around the world, including Malaysia, Mexico, Dubai, South Africa, and India. The venues are the main draw, but the food is also special, with signature recipes created by renowned chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Pierre Gagnaire. Try to avoid getting into a fight with a fellow diner or eating something you’re allergic to—it’s a long way to the ground.

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