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SAL SALIS, Australia

WHAT IS THE OUTSTANDING GREEN FACTOR? Sal Salis is a remote, beachside safari camp nestled in the dunes of Western Australia’s Cape Range National Park on the shores of Ningaloo Reef. This is one of Australia’s best-kept secrets with only 16 eco-luxe wilderness tents available on site. The size of the camp allows minimal damage to the environment as the rooms and main lodge facility are constructed above ground level to protect the indigenous fauna and flora. Boardwalks also help prevent unnecessary soil erosion and guests can only use designated footpaths while walking round. Different coloured tents help the camp blend into the natural surroundings. Almost 100% of the camp’s power is generated by the sun through an array of solar panels to ensure a predominately clean source of energy and preservation of the quiet environment.

Sal Salis, Australia
Sal Salis, Australia

STYLE BONUS? Sal Salis is a fine example of the recent ‘glamping’ trend, which is defined as glamorous camping. This is also part of experiential travel, where travellers are able to head off the beaten path and immerse in an authentic local environment. Here, visitors will wake up to the song of birds and catch glimpses of kangaroos grazing among the dunes. There may also be a spectacle of breaching whales as one tucks into breakfast. Alternatively, visitors can enjoy a morning swim in Ningaloo’s crystal clear waters and discover marine wildlife up close. The spacious, airy tents are an oasis of comfort that allows travellers to take in the sights and sounds of the natural surroundings with the comforts of modern amenities.

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