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Get Acquainted With Sydney’s Artistic Side

A unique stage for local and international artists to showcase their wit and spirit. Art & About Sydney has been a shared celebration of creativity and identity for over 13 years, flourishing year on year with avid support from the government to foster a nurturing environment for the arts through grants, public art programs, and the encouragement of expressive installations.

An amalgamation of theatre, dance, film, art, photography and so much more, the Art & About Sydney programme has been transformed into an ongoing yearlong calendar of creativity, and for the upcoming months of September and October, visitors to the city can look forward to three standout events: Australian Life, Little Sydney Lives, and Hidden Sydney -The Glittering Mile. Australian Life is an outdoor gallery showcasing the unique sights that make up, well, Australian life.

Art installations spill over into the streets of Sydney for Art & About
Art installations spill over into the streets of Sydney for Art & About

Held at Hyde Park North, the exhibition will feature the work of 22 finalists, each chosen by a panel of photographers, artists and curators from work submitted by emerging and professional photographers across the country, all contending for the final prize of $10,000. From close-up moments of reflection to a wide-angle on the collective hopes and dreams of all Australians, these stunning shots are as diverse, interesting and surprising as the country that inspired them, and look beyond iconic images to reveal new insights into the Australian identity.

Get a dose of cabaret with a night at Hidden Sydney -The Glittering Mile. An immersive, exhilarating and witty experience set over four floors of The Nevada, the former Sydney brothel which once boasted the world’s biggest bed, Hidden Sydney-The Glittering Mile is a narrative filled with drag queens, madams of the night, quick-witted bouncers, and crims, crooks and other eccentrics alike as you relive the notorious world of Kings Cross through its heydays during the 50s, 60s and 70s. “Enter, if you dare!”

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