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Top 5 Coffee Spots In Melbourne

The League Of Honest Coffee – With a name like that you can’t help but take it seriously and, predictably, its airy interiors have been attracting coffee aficionados in droves. It’s an offering from the same stable that gave java drinkers Padre Coffee South Melbourne Market and the Brunswick East Project. That’s an impressive lineage. Given the ample selection of single origin coffees, the coffee is expectedly great, to be downed with flaky French croissants. But if nothing else, go there to ogle their pair of custom-painted Slayer espresso machines, said to one of the world’s best.

Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse – Di Bella is Australia’s leading coffee chain and their Melbourne Roasting Warehouse is a must-stop for every serious coffee drinker. Hidden away from the crush of Melbourne’s CBD, it’s set in one of the city’s oldest suburbs. The rustic interiors feature a giant roaster occupying centre stage and the eclectic menu pairs beautifully with their top-notch coffees. Just in case you can’t get thee to Melbourne, Coffee by Di Bella operates several cafes in Mumbai and Hyderabad (and hopefully expanding to other cities soon).

Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse

Ganache Chocolate – In an earlier avatar, Arno Backes, the proprietor of Ganache Chocolate, was a biker so passionate, he rode east from Germany and did not stop until he reached Melbourne. Here, he promptly grew roots and is arguably the top chocolatier in town. Helpfully, he has also toured South America in search of chocolate varieties. The cheerful Backes was in Mumbai recently, showcasing Melbourne’s cafe culture, and paired some of his creations with quintessential^ Australian Di Bella coffees (more about which below). At his Melbourne salon, exquisite pralines and truffles are made daily on site, not to mention a hefty Melbourne Freas Shake.

Mork Chocolate Brew House – The heavens must have smiled when Mork Chocolate, well known around Melbourne for supplying its delish dark chocolate drinking blend (cocoa content: 70%) to cafes around town, decided to set up its own retail venture. Now, you can sample their handcrafted speciality hot chocolate blends made with all-natural ingredients in a minimalist setting where the focus is purely on chocolate (so no coffee is served). There are two taps, however, one dispensing soda water infused with vanilla pods, the other sparkling chocolate soda. Amen. 150 Errol St, North Melbourne.

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