9 World’s Most Romantic Gateways

5. Las Vegaslas-vegas

If you lack time to set a tour around all the U.S. cities, we’d recommend you choose Las Vegas simply because it encompasses features of many other gateways all around the world. Furthermore, it has its own unique atmosphere of risk and adventure.

6. Bali

Indonesia is probably one of the most underrated romantic destinations in the world. The country’s main tourism spot Bali is known for the top-class service, rich cultural heritage, and splendid natural monuments. By the way, it is the world’s second best island – after Santorini – according to the rating issued by BBC Travel in 2011.

7. Hawaiihawaii

The 50th U.S. state is actually situated in Oceania which explains the local bizarre mix of Polynesian and American cultures. This volcanic archipelago comprises many small and 8 big islands and each of them offers wonderful tourism opportunities.

8. Mexico

Well, well, well, it’s not easy to outline any particular destination in Mexico (because they all are too fabulous) so we just added this whole country to our list. Whether you are into ancient ruins, colonial cities, or classy resorts, it is completely up to you what to choose!

9. Aspenaspen

Longing for some winter activities? Then let us tell you about one of the most luxurious ski resorts on Earth. Despite its small size, Aspen, Colorado, offers its guests the abundance of things to do and to see (although it may cost you an arm and a leg).

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