7 Restaurants In France, Each Refined In Its Own Style


bouilllon-des-coloniesA Restaurant of the World, Paris 6th

This restaurant offers a change of pace with its subdued lighting, an atmosphere somewhere between Africa and Asia, propitious for a meal in tete a tete but also among friends. While the setting carries one away what invites the patron in is truly the innovative cuisine, which proposes the best of Middle Eastern, African or Caribbean cooking to the classics of French cuisine.

Fine dishes found on the menu include shrimp risotto, Tahitian-style tuna tartar, beef satay or the African-Middle Eastern platter.



A Parisian restaurant since 1906, Paris 6th

Opened in 1906, the Bouillon Racine is one of the rare bouillons or precursor of the brasserie still present in Paris today and going strong. Its interior decor is listed as a historic monument and is a two-floor delight that takes you back a century in time. Alexandre Belthoise invites you to savour his traditional bouillon with chicken and vegetables, French onion soup, beef stew, stuffed and spit roasted suckling pig and risotto with Saint Jacques and prawns.

For dessert try the waffle with crème brulee.



Cuisine of Normandy since 1832, Paris 1st

This institution in the first arrondissement is breath taking. The decor, listed as a historic monument, is an astonishing blend of woodwork, mirrors and painted mirrors. Don’t miss the private dining rooms nestled on the second floor where Clemenceau and Hemingway once dined. But the Pharamond is also and above all cuisine revolving around the products and specialties of Normandy. Sebastien Richard is delighted to share his cuisine with you from the nostalgic dishes like tripe a la mode de Caen or homemade andouillette along with savoury new dishes like sea bass carpaccio, rack of lamb in a crust of herbs, roasted and potted Norman pig without forgetting the teurgoule, traditional rice pudding from Normandy.



Corsican Restaurant, Paris 15th

Enter into the Villa Corse for a gourmet journey between the sea and the mountains for enchanting gastronomy and an oenological discovery. The open kitchen raises the curtain on the on going culinary operations and it is in full view of the guests that chef Cyril Gazit and his team prepare the savours of the Ile of Beauty from broccoli cannelloni to a suckling pig, cromesquis of figatellu (fried fresh sausage), mashed potatoes with truffles and blood sausage to wind it all up with a brocciu en fiadone paisanu (flan).

In the dining room the team will explain the various Corsican wines on the menu to accompany your meal.

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