11 US Places Only Locals Know About

Photos by ClementGuegan at Shutterstock

Underground Tunnels, Los Angeles, CA

During prohibition, corrupt city officials ran speakeasies under the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. Anyone heading to LA is probably thinking beaches and fun in the sun, not dark underground tunnels.

But these hidden tunnels of Los Angeles are full of history from the roaring 20s because the party never stopped as the 11 miles of tunnels were what people used to move around without worrying about the authorities.

To get into these tunnels today, you have to take an elevator down into a passageway filled with graffiti and rusted machinery, while iron gates limit you to places that are earthquake safe.

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2 thoughts on “11 US Places Only Locals Know About”

  1. Claire Manfredo

    OMG my school, the Fashion Institute of Technology took us here as field trip, I guess. I graduated in 1979. It was an art history course.