11 US Places Only Locals Know About

Photo by ZE’PHOTOS at Shutterstock

House Of Eternal Return, Santa Fe, NM

George R.R. Martin, author of the Game of Thrones books, bought an empty bowling alley in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and rented it to a 135-member group of artists. What did they choose to do? They created an elaborate interactive art installation.

This place is a 3D environment, part haunted house, part choose-your-own-adventure, and part jungle gym. According to Atlas Obscura, the 20,000sqft space is fully explorable, with visitors piecing together a random story on their own. It’s not your typical museum where you just see and observe. You are part of the art! There are a total of 70 distinct interconnected spaces that fill the house.

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2 thoughts on “11 US Places Only Locals Know About”

  1. Claire Manfredo

    OMG my school, the Fashion Institute of Technology took us here as field trip, I guess. I graduated in 1979. It was an art history course.