11 Stunning US Locations With Amazing Natural Phenomenon

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Fire Tornadoes, Missouri

If you thought the 1996 movie Twister taught you everything there was to know about tornadoes, you were wrong. Meet the firenado, which is precisely what it sounds like, a tornado that sucks up the surrounding fire, creating a swirling, burning cone of “No Thanks”!.

Extremely rare and incredibly dangerous, fire tornadoes form when intense heat combines with high winds. These conditions are not hard to come by if a grassy area catches fire on a windy day. When hot air rises rapidly, cool air rushes in from beneath and around it, swirling the flames upwards like water in a toilet. Firewhirls are about the size of a tiny twister, growing up to 100 feet tall but only two feet wide. If a pyrocumulus cloud forms above, it can look like a full-sized tornado.

The next one will pool you in with its colors…..

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