Top 10 Captivating American Civil War Sites

Photo by meunierd at Shutterstock

Fort Sumter National Historical Park, Charleston, SC

A boat ride and tour of the fort will give you a deeper understanding of what went on the day that started it all. Fort Sumter’s location is off the coast of South Carolina. Even though the fort was in the south, President Lincoln held on to it to protest the south seceding.

On April 12, 1861, Confederate munitions attacked the Union garrison. Once cut off from supply, the defense surrendered the next day. On September 8, 1863, the Union tried to reclaim the fort but was unsuccessful.

Today the fort is open to tours through the National Park Service. But make sure to buy tickets ahead of time because they sell out quickly. Displays include slavery and the plantation culture, significant figures, politics, and how the Confederate Army was formed.

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