Top 10 Breathtaking American Road Trip Destinations

Photo by Bob Pool from Shutterstock

Historic Columbia River Highway

If history is your thing, then this route is the one for you (the clues in the name), Constructed in 1917, this 23 miles (37 Kilometres) road trip is the oldest scenic route in the country, so much so that today it is revered as a national historic landmark. Starting at Troutdale, your journey will see you take in the amazing Vista House which sits over 700 ft above the Columbia River, followed by more waterfalls than you can shake a stick at (the LaTourell Falls Wahkeenah Falls-242 ft and Multnomah Falls-620ft).

You’ll enjoy all of this while enjoying the breathtaking foliage-covered cliffs littered with old bridges and the carved-out road tunnels that cut through the cliffsides.

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