It’s Safer to Travel to One of These 9 U.S. Towns (Here’s Why)

Dodge City, Kansas

Dodge City, Kansas.
Photo by Kent Kanouse –

We can’t offer you a time machine but we could tell you to visit a time capsule of a town. We’re talking about Dodge City, Kansas- cowboy country!

This city has managed to preserve the country’s Old west History so it’s no wonder it’s bustling with tourists during the warm and inviting summer months. Though you won’t find any cowboys nowadays (no matter how hard you try, sadly), you can still visit all the places that Doc Holliday, Clay Allison, and Wyatt Earp frequented as this used to be their home.

The Boot Hill Museum is a great place for firearm lovers as it boasts a collection of over 200 cowboy guns. Fort Dodge is a historic site loved by many as it used to house Kansas soldiers, but there’s more than just buildings to see and snap pictures of!

Longhorn Park is a favorite among tourists, especially families with younger children, where they can take a peek at longhorn cattle!

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