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Guangzhou: Gateway to the Silk Road. Of all the Chinese harbours, Guangzhou was the largest, and the only one to make con­nections to foreign countries. It also had historical significance: Three voyage routes originated from Guangzhou. In addition, in 1784, the American vessel Empress of China sailed to this city, which led to the first transportation route between the United States and China, and eventually giving way to trade.

Shunde, Guangdong Province

On the cultural scene, most associate Guangdong with cuisine and music. This is considered the birthplace of what western­ers call “Chinese food” (Cantonese food). Grab the authentic taste of sweet and sour pork, wonton soup, and dim-sum. The food is plentiful, delicious, and inexpensive, and few travellers can leave this city hun­gry.


Mount Danxia: Bring a camera and be dazzled by plenty scenic, mountainous sites. You’ll also see a number of temples scattered about. A river winds through the mountains, allowing visitors to ride a boat during their stay. This site is on the 2010 UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

Seven Star Crags: Find most crags around Star Lake. The lake has five distinct sec­tions, and has small land and walkway strips. Like many attractions in China, there’s no shortage of Buddhist and Taoist sculptures around the lake. While you’re here, why not check out the many fantastic caves?

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall: A magnificently preserved example of nineteenth-century architecture. It was the ancestral shrine of a wealthy family, and now is a museum with many items and articles, including ivory sculptures and artistic statues.

Today, visitors can see more than twenty attractions along the Silk Road. Some of them include the Temple of God of South Sea, Huaisheng Mosque, the Temple of Bright Filial Piety, the Muslim Sage’s Tomb, Hualin Temple, and Lotus Tower. Like many countries, the Silk Road is showered with European architecture, especially when tourists set foot in Shameen.

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