Baroque Rome – Navona and Campo

Piazza Navona

Here, everything that makes Rome unique is compressed into one beautiful Baroque piazza. Always camera-ready, Piazza Navona has Bernini sculptures, three gorgeous fountains, a magnificently Baroque church (Sant’Agnese in Agone), and, best of all, the excitement of so many people strolling, admiring the fountains, and enjoying the view.

At center stage is the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, created for Innocent X by Bernini in 1651. Bernini’s powerful figures of the four rivers represent the four corners of the world: the Nile; the Ganges; the Danube; and the Plata, with its hand raised.

Piazza Navona is lined with cafés, though, so you can pick and choose. Just be aware that the restaurants here are geared toward tourists, so while it’s a beautiful place for a coffee, you can find cheaper, more authentic, and much better meals elsewhere.


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